Legal Notice of Name Change

We are excited to announce that Falcon Consulting Group, Inc. has changed our name to Advarra Consulting, Inc. This change was made through an amendment to our certificate of incorporation through the Pennsylvania Secretary of State dated March 1, 2018.

This new name reflects our presence as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advarra, Inc. (Formerly Schulman Associates Institutional Review Board Inc. "Schulman IRB"). Advarra's proactive, collaborative consulting approach helps research sponsors, CROs and institutions strengthen and grow their research enterprises, helping to maintain quality systems, data integrity, compliance, minimize regulatory risk and protect the safety and welfare of clinical trial participants.

Other than our new company name, all service offerings and capabilities remain unchanged, including specialized consulting and evaluation services related to Good Practices (GxPs), quality assurance (QA), regulatory compliance and human research protection (HRP). All contracts executed with Falcon Consulting Group remain valid and do not require modifications. This notice is intended to serve as legal documentation for updating our name to Advarra Consulting on all contracts moving forward. There will be no changes to your regular contact, assigned Program Lead or Business Development representative.

Other than our name change, our office location, phone and fax numbers will remain the same as below:

  • Office Address: 5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 120, Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

  • Office Phone Number: 610.363.0815

  • Office Fax Number: 610.624.4637


Moving forward, invoices will be issued from our new corporate office located at 6940 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 110, Columbia, MD 21046. A new W9 is included with this correspondence for your reference--click here to access the W9 document.

Over the coming weeks you will also begin to see an updated look and feel for our company, including a new website, Advarra email addresses and other related material. We look forward to sharing these branding updates with you soon.

Should you have any questions about our legal name change, please contact us at We look forward to continuing our relationship with your company.


Cheryl J. Priest
Vice President, Advarra Consulting

Randall Hein
President, Advarra Consulting