Code of Ethics

The Falcon Code of Ethics provides guidance to its employees to be self-managed quality professionals. Falcon promotes the highest standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment, quality and discretion in providing consultant services to clients while working with colleagues. The Code of Ethics is a declaration by individual employees to:

  • recognize and endeavor to protect the rights, safety and dignity of all individuals;
  • provide their employer, colleagues and clients with the highest value and quality of consultant services;
  • comply with all regulations and laws governing their position and/or professional licensure or status;
  • keep informed of pertinent and relevant changes in global regulations, laws and guidelines affecting the development and marketing of biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices;
  • maintain confidentiality and integrity when providing consultant services;
  • support colleagues and exemplify team work behavior;
  • demonstrate ethical and honest conduct at all times;
  • maintain a professional, independent and objective position in the performance of client services; and
  • contribute to the improvement and increase the understanding, visibility and criticality of quality concepts and best practice applied in industry.